Gooey Eyeball Neckwarmer Pattern

Gooey Eyeball Neckwarmer Pattern
Copyright Andrea Goutier – Love, Hestia – 2008.
For personal, non-commercial use only.For use with Vitreous Humor yarn. approx. 60yds (70-80yds per skein from insubordiknit)
can substitute any other bulky/superbulky slubby yarn, but it won’t be as awesome.
size 13 16″ circs
size 19 16″ circs

-cast on 35sts using smaller circular needle-
-work back & forth in garter stitch for 3 rows, slipping last stitch of each row-
-switch to larger needles-
-work in stockinette stitch for 5″-
-work in garter stitch for 3 rows-
-bind off really loosely-
-push eyeballs through the stockinette stitch as buttons to fasten-

Ta Da!
now run off and scare your neighbors.

Hurricane Hat Pattern!!

Hurricane Hat

Copyright lovehestia, Andrea Goutier 2008.

For private, non-commercial use only.


Yarn: Malabrigo Merino Worsted, Colourway shown Pearl #36

Needles16″ Circular Needles 4.5mm, set of 4 DPNs, 4.5mm

Gauge20 stitches & 28 rows knit in Stockinette Stitch

Sizing Note: Pattern is adjustable for sizing by altering how
many inches you work in pattern before beginning your
decreases. The suggested 5″ will give you a med-large size.

Cast on 81 sts in the knitted on cast on method.  For a stretchy brim cast on using the long tail method.

Join in the round, knitting first and last stitch together to eliminate jag. Total 80sts.

Brim: Work in K2, P2 Rib for 1.5”. At the end of final row, M1 stitch for a Total of 81sts

Body: Work in K9, P1 for 5” inches. – Do not worry about how many rounds you are working.  Simply work until knitting measures 5″ from end of ribbing (total of 6.5″ from cast on edge).

Decrease Rounds:
Round 1: *K7, K2tog, P1* 73sts

Round 2: *K8, P1*

Round 3: *K6, K2tog, P1* 65sts

Round 4: *K7, P1*

Round 5: *K5, K2tog, P1* 57sts

Round 6: *K6, P1*

Round 7: *K4, K2tog, P1* 49sts

Round 8: *K5, P1*

Round 9: *K3, K2tog, P1* 41sts

Round 10: *K4, P1*

Round 11: *K2, K2tog, P1* 33sts

Round 12: *K3, P1*

Round 13: *K1, K2tog, P1* 25sts

Round 14: *K2, P1*

Round 15: *K2tog, P1* 17sts

Round 16: *K2tog* 9sts

Break yarn and run through remaining stitches. Pull tight and secure. Weave in all ends.

Please note: This pattern was originally available on my now defunct blog sunshineknits. this is my new home.