Gooey Eyeball Neckwarmer Pattern

Gooey Eyeball Neckwarmer Pattern
Copyright Andrea Goutier – Love, Hestia – 2008.
For personal, non-commercial use only.For use with Vitreous Humor yarn. approx. 60yds (70-80yds per skein from insubordiknit)
can substitute any other bulky/superbulky slubby yarn, but it won’t be as awesome.
size 13 16″ circs
size 19 16″ circs

-cast on 35sts using smaller circular needle-
-work back & forth in garter stitch for 3 rows, slipping last stitch of each row-
-switch to larger needles-
-work in stockinette stitch for 5″-
-work in garter stitch for 3 rows-
-bind off really loosely-
-push eyeballs through the stockinette stitch as buttons to fasten-

Ta Da!
now run off and scare your neighbors.