How very Edwardian of you!

My big huge take-a-bite-out-of-it love/obsession this week is Downton Abbey.
They say true love is hard to find, but I’ve found it easy to come by with Downton Abbey.  From the very first episode, I found myself enamored   The plot, the writing, the characters, Maggie Smith (naturally), the clothes and the beautiful misty, romantic colour story have kept me drawn in and thoroughly obsessed.

After some research into potential fangirl knitting patterns, I have discovered this totally wearable and satisfactorily geeky option:

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The pattern is Lucy Cloche from Knitscene, Winter 2012

Just plain love it; and a girl can never have too many hats.  From looking at others projects, this looks best when it is a little bit oversized.  Must knit in olive merino with a purple and/or plum velvet “ribbon”.

If you haven’t checked out this series and you get weak in the knees for absolute romance, broken hearts, beautiful cinematography, historically accurate dress and Edwardian sensibilities, than this is the show for you!  I strongly recommend it.

And just a small sampling of Lady Dowager’s wit


It’s all about the (de)stash

We’ve all got them.  Stashes i mean.  It must be an intrinsic habit of the crafty-minded to acquire an abundance of materials for their trade.  I’ve taken a bit of interest in other people’s collections, if only to make myself feel a little bit more normal.  Some collect scrapbook paper, some fabric, some collect cooking ingredients like spices and cupcake liners.  Still others collect scrap metal, car parts, driftwood and buttons.

Despite all my inquiries, i do still feel that knitters and the fibre community are a unique breed.  The most extreme case I personally know of is one of my friends who has resorted to renting a storage locker to contain her stash which still mysteriously continued to grow.  As an avid knitter, and magpie, i live with a very real fear of being found buried alive under a mountain of delicious wooly cupcakes.

Therefor, I have given myself a challenge.  I have shaken hands with myself and agreed to knit solely from my stash.  I celebrated by casting on a very simple hat in some worsted weight Malabrigo left over from other projects.  I look forward to discovering new patterns that will help me work with what i’ve got.  If anyone has any ideas please let me know!!