On the Needles

Feel a bit like a slug right now,  having caught a bit of a bug.  Feel tired and, dare i say “sluggish”.  Now, before you feel sorry for me, know that i am a Knitter.  Knitters have a positivity superpower.  That is, when we are taken ill, or we are forced to sit idle for any amount of time, we are those who make the best of the situation.  Between bouts of watching the awesome BBC program Misfits, I have managed to sneak in a little bit of progress:



Downton Abbey Fangirl

The Lucy hat is coming along beautifully.   After an initial temper tantrum over how incoherently the short row instructions were written, and a few mistakes artistic liberties, it was smooth sailing.  Malabrigo worsted is always a treat to work with and am hoping to have this done this evening or by tomorrow.




A simple doodle that will become a bit of a woodland scene.
Can’t you just imagine the left side of the paper as an ancient tree trunk, with rippling roots along the bottom of the page, and some wee babe or fairy folk neslted in the crook of the trunk?

And finally from Pinterest, out of necessity I have created a Geek Love board.  This is why

All in all, an incredibly productive day, wouldn’t you say?

5 thoughts on “On the Needles

  1. Some of my most productive knitting days are when I am sick and have to sit in bed with tissue box and knitting in hand 🙂 BTW, really like your hurricane hat pattern – nice work!

  2. Love the color of your hat. Haven’t seen the Misfits yet, but will look for it. I keep wondering what happened to Dr. Who, LOL. As a rubber stamper snf paper artist, I love your doodle. I keep imagining everything I could do with it!!

  3. Lovely! I’ve always liked your drawings, and can’t wait to see the Lucy hat! I’m still hmmmm-ing about which yarn to use for mine, but plan to cast on tomorrow 🙂

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