The weather round here has been a little bit interesting lately
This was a beautiful day that we went snowshoeing


This was a less than beautiful day.  We had an ice storm, and the sky turned the most beautiful shade of brown.

IMG_0252Living on the west coast of northern British Columbia,
weather dictates a large part of our lives.
While unbelievably beautiful, it can be a little dark and a little grey.

So we come to appreciate a little colour in our lives.

Carrot Beet Juice/sunshine in a glass:


And our favorite room in the house: The Sunshine Room


Tell me please, what do you do to keep the winter doldrums at bay?

2 thoughts on “wintertime

  1. Been to Vancouver and around two years ago and I was impressed! It realy deserve the title ‘Beautiful BC’ Just wish wasn’t that cold 😉
    Btw, great and funny ‘window decoration’ at your last photo 🙂

  2. Well, for me when the days are gloomy in Texas, which thank heavens are not often like it was in Iowa, I have a healthy green smoothie, have a warm throw wrapped around me and read or do my needle crafts or knitting and at night I take a beautiful bath with lavender salts and a glass of wine. Those days are good for refreshing who I am and to be recharged, once again.

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