Show + Tell

What a beautiful Saturday.  Joyous, relaxed and inspiring I spent yet another afternoon with my darling friend Kayla of Fig Cottage.  We have taken a pledge to inspire one another to post more effective and interesting content, and to remain active on our blogs.  I cannot tell you the value of having a True Friend.  Someone who is not afraid to tell you anything, negative or positive, and who is willing to lend a hand with truly crap work.  If ever you are unsure of a friends character, simply ask them to help you paint the ceilings of your home.

After a particularly interesting discussion on the importance of documenting our knitting for the purpose of writing proper patterns, among other things, I have been inspired to challenge myself to create at least 10 “real” patterns this year.   I am hopeful that you darlings will be excited to see some of my upcoming work!  Please don’t hesitate to let me know what you would like to see (or not see for that matter) insofar as layout and content of the pattern.

Now, back to the Show + Tell !!
Firstly, I am very excited to be dusting off the shelves and weeding out the cobwebs from my blog.  You will be seeing a few changes in formatting, theme and tab options in the upcoming months.  It has been an arduous but incredibly enjoyable project to get things better suited to my personal tastes.  So far my brand new pretty pink banner and fresh floral background have already much enhanced the look around this place.

Second, I actually have some finished knitting things.  Now, I am very new to photographing myself.  I am not one to normally take a GPOY so this was quite the hilarious experience.  I finished two lofty, slouchy, wonderfully soft merino hats.  Both with very simple fair isle, both comfortably large and both still in need of a stern blocking … BUT … I just couldn’t wait to share!  I love the freedom of working without the constraints of a pattern, instead following the intuition of the yarn and the yardage I had left.

The autumnal red, yellow and green hat was started a couple days ago.  I just had to share how many outtakes i had to do in order to finally capture some detail in the hats.  If you click on the photo, it should enable you to see it a bit bigger if you wanted to see some more details on the hats.


Happy knitting everyone!

Let me know what you think

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