Hurricane Hat Pattern!!

Hurricane Hat

Copyright lovehestia, Andrea Goutier 2008.

For private, non-commercial use only.


Yarn: Malabrigo Merino Worsted, Colourway shown Pearl #36

Needles16″ Circular Needles 4.5mm, set of 4 DPNs, 4.5mm

Gauge20 stitches & 28 rows knit in Stockinette Stitch

Sizing Note: Pattern is adjustable for sizing by altering how
many inches you work in pattern before beginning your
decreases. The suggested 5″ will give you a med-large size.

Cast on 81 sts in the knitted on cast on method.  For a stretchy brim cast on using the long tail method.

Join in the round, knitting first and last stitch together to eliminate jag. Total 80sts.

Brim: Work in K2, P2 Rib for 1.5”. At the end of final row, M1 stitch for a Total of 81sts

Body: Work in K9, P1 for 5” inches. – Do not worry about how many rounds you are working.  Simply work until knitting measures 5″ from end of ribbing (total of 6.5″ from cast on edge).

Decrease Rounds:
Round 1: *K7, K2tog, P1* 73sts

Round 2: *K8, P1*

Round 3: *K6, K2tog, P1* 65sts

Round 4: *K7, P1*

Round 5: *K5, K2tog, P1* 57sts

Round 6: *K6, P1*

Round 7: *K4, K2tog, P1* 49sts

Round 8: *K5, P1*

Round 9: *K3, K2tog, P1* 41sts

Round 10: *K4, P1*

Round 11: *K2, K2tog, P1* 33sts

Round 12: *K3, P1*

Round 13: *K1, K2tog, P1* 25sts

Round 14: *K2, P1*

Round 15: *K2tog, P1* 17sts

Round 16: *K2tog* 9sts

Break yarn and run through remaining stitches. Pull tight and secure. Weave in all ends.

Please note: This pattern was originally available on my now defunct blog sunshineknits. this is my new home. 

46 thoughts on “Hurricane Hat Pattern!!

  1. Hi
    Loved this pattern just found hard when came too start row 1 to 16 found very hard too handle once stiches getting less n less in the round any advice for me please as would like too make another
    Thanks Di

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  3. love this, such a great pattern! made two already, one for my 13-month old (modified slightly) and one for myself. thank you!!!!!!

  4. Great pattern – thankyou.
    I made it using dk/8ply and 4mm needles for my 3.5 yo. I started with 91 st, did 8 rows rib, knit in pattern til piece measured 13cm from beg and did decrease rounds.Looks great and said 3.5yo is happy 🙂

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  6. I’ve made this hat several times for family gifts and for a SAFE House. For the past few I’ve decreased a stitch, instead of m1 and the swirls go in the opposite direction.

  7. Love this pattern! I have made this hat numerous times for family, friends and patients in our state hospital. Just change the type of yarn and you have a different look each time. Thank you!

  8. I found your hat at my local store ‘Knit Wit’ in Portland, ME and fell in love with the knitted pattern! Thank you for making this available!
    I’ve made one hat with this pattern and on my second (which is a gift, first one was practice round). My question is regarding the beginning of the body. I increased stitches to 81, and after that first round of K9, P1, I have one more stitch left to my marker. Do I knit that, move marker over and begin K9, P1? Or do I essentially ignore the marker?

    My first hat is wider than the sample hat in the knit store, so I believe the answer to my question above is to ignore the marker, but wanted to verify with you before I continue on this Christmas GIFT! 🙂

  9. I have made one swirl hat and I like this one but it is too much to copy by hand and I don’t like to waste paper copying all the extra pages I don’t need. Sorry, some one would like to wear it. Patwsy

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  12. I am planning to make this for my 8-year-old son. Do you have any recommendations on how many stitches to cast on? Any advice you might have is much appreciated!

    • Hi there, I would go ahead with current sizing. In my experience, children’s heads tend to be a bit bigger than we think. If you are worried that it would still be too big, cast on 70 sts.

  13. dear Andrea, this pattern is fantastic thankyou. I have cast on 91 stitches -making it for grown-up son, when it comes to decreasing ie at round 16 i will still have 10 extra stitches how should i proceed ,thanks , Vanessa

  14. Can you give a bit more information about M1? I am a beginner and I love this pattern! How do you “make 1 stitch”? Sorry if the question seems basic … I am a newbie! Thanks for your help!

    • alright, i know this is two months late, but nevertheless, if you have not figured out how to M1 yet, please go to YouTube and search to your hearts content. There are amazing videos on there detailing any technique under the sun 🙂 happy knitting!!

  15. Thanks for posting such a great pattern. I made one for myself last year and just finished one as a gift for a friend. Simple, easy to follow instructions with no errors!

  16. I am going to make this for my family in NOrthern NJ as they are stilll out of power, and for my son and wife,in Philly. Can I make this with coton.. like Mission Falls 1824 or Tahki?

  17. For a baby, couldn’t you make the same pattern using lighter weight yarn and smaller needles? I’ve done that often with other patterns. This is a great pattern!

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  19. I just finished the brim and am about to do the M1 but am confused as to how to do it at the end of the final brim row. I have watched You Tube videos to see how to do the M1, but they do it between knit or purl stitches, not at the very end. Should I add the M1 between the last two knit stitches or last two purl stitches, or is there a way to add it at the very end? Thanks.

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  21. Hi,

    I found a model of your hat on a french blog and it was giving the link toward your ravelry pattern which was giving a link towards your blog…so here I am 🙂
    your hat is so cool, I love it.
    I am a beginner Knitter but I want to give it a go. I wanted to ask first : the explanations you are giving are they for a women or man size? Also are they for circular needles or would it be ok if I follow teh instructions with double pointed needles?

    Many Thanks for sharing the pattern with us

    • Hi DPNs would work but it will be way easier in circular needles. Also, the sizes are for a ladies med/large. you can increase size by increasing by 10 sts from your cast on.

  22. This is a beautiful pattern. I’m a newbie to knitting, but after i finish the hat I’m working on, I’m going to try this.

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  24. Just finished this in a brown variegated Aran yarn and it looks great.
    East to do and very effective and easy to knit while watching tv.


  25. I love this pattern and I’ve made it 3 times already (for friends and family, not for sale), but I was wondering if you could suggest modifications for baby sizes. I have baby/sport/DK weight yarn I’d love to use but I’m not certain of the needle size or cast-on stitches. Suggestions? Thanks!

    • hmm… there is a lady on rav that made it for a baby but i’m not sure what she cast on. For a baby i usually cast on 50 sts so for this pattern you could cast on 51 and follow basic pat.. and knit a longer brim so they can fold it up. use a stretchy yarn. 🙂

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