A late start, but a start nonetheless,

A big goal I’ve had for myself these past few years is to get myself organized and to shift gears.  To organize everything from the bottom up.  Start with the elements of our precious little lives that i cherish so much.  It is sad to see that oftentimes opportunity and experiences disappear because I fail to take advantage of them.  It is hard, when fatigued, to face the dishes, let alone anything remotely ambitious.  This year, I decide to have the simple goal of taking myself seriously.  If I want to climb a mountain, I will climb a mountain.  If I want to knit a beekeeper quilt, I will be sure to do so.  And if I want to make the perfect bundt cake, i will damn well be making the sexiest marbled bundt you’ve seen this side of Claq Mountain.


One thought on “Nonetheless…

  1. I just made Aviatrix for a friend and loved it. Saw your Hurricane hat so decided to check your blog. Love it. Just wonder how you get your family to eat beets. Personally I love them. C-A Drummond.

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